June 5, 2016

Our passion for Passive Solar Design  stems from the understanding that getting the simple things right can have a huge impact on how your home performs. Orientation, a well sealed and well insulated building and thermal mass  coupled with a high quality build process will help create a home that is not only cheaper and more efficient to run but healthier and more comfortable for you and your loved ones to live in.

Regardless of the scale or location of your project, we can help you maximise  the natural resources that your site provides.  Allowing the winter sun in to warm your floors and walls while shading the higher summer sun will give your home a head start in the battle to be comfortable year round.  Insulation and careful draught proofing allows you to control the flow of heat. keeping it in when you want it and out when you don’t. Cross ventilation and thermal mass inside increase your homes ability to remain comfortable when the outside world is not.

Good passive solar design should not preclude you from or lock you into any architectural style or form.  Nor should it limit your choices on materials that will form the structure, external and internal fabric of your building. However careful consideration of the embodied energy, performance and durability of each material specified will help maximise your homes efficiency, comfort and effective life for the energy used to create and maintain it.

We endeavor to keep this ecologically sustainable perspective present in our decision making throughout the design and construction process. The competing forces of each project’s site, budget and design objectives provide a new and exciting challenge within this perspective.